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... mon coeur balance.

### Choix n°1 : The Faders - No sleep tonight ###

I got you, I got you on my mind
And it's time to make you see (What I want)
So I'll just make this a little more obvious
'Cos I get what I want
And I want you to get with me

Don't think you know
How far I'm gonna go

You can't stop this feeling
You can't run away
Baby I'm what's on your mind
You can't stop this feeling
There's no escape
No sleep tonight
You won't get no sleep tonight

You want me,
You want me all the time
And you don't need nothing else


Tell me baby
Are you coming with me ?


### Choix n°2 : The Faders - Whatever it takes ###


I don't care whatever it takes to be with you
You' re under my skin and no matter what I do
I' m nothing without you
I have to be with you
So I' ll do whatever it takes


Pour le moment, c'est la 2 qui gagne... Merci à l'épisode de Veronica Mars de ce soir.

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I'm coming... and I just vote for both of them."you fill me up, you're in my veins a look could take my breath away and all these things, you give away sometimes I take for granted It's just like poetry inside to hear you breathing by my side like I’m in heaven and I’ve died so glad you're with me for this ride"