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Leprecon, ça commence ce soir!!! Pour les dublinois(es) joueurs (et pour les autres), voici le programme du week-end! Y en a pour tous les goûts! Moi j'attends de voir avec impatience le Live Action BloodBowl ;-)

RPGs and LARPs:

We’ll have four RPGs and two LARPs to choose from on each day of the Con, as organised by the inimitable Mr. Turner, who has been doing this job admirably for years now at both Leprecon and Gaelcon.

Click here for details of the RPG and LARP Timetable

We’ve got a swathe of pay-in tournaments with top prizes:
ONE DAY KOTEI, Sunday March 1st: we are crazy, crazy people. We are running the very first L5R Kotei in the entire world in 2009… and because Kotei season begins on the last day of Leprecon, we are doing it ALL IN ONE DAY. Special deals for Kotei entry are on the leprecon website, or you can pay 35 euro on the day.
Versus, Saturday February 28th: Cillian O’Morain of Dublin City Games and Hobbies, will be running a sanctioned Versus event.
Magic: The Gathering, all weekend: every one of these is an official, sanctioned event:
Saturday morning: Magic Unhinged draft.
Saturday evening: Magic two-headed giant sealed.
Sunday Morning: Magic constructed.
Sunday Evening: Magic Grand Melee.
All Weekend: Magic drafts, all sanctioned.

Warhammer 40k on Saturday: we have a great tournament this year. It’s 20 euro to enter, and first prize is a fully painted Dark Angels army from Models Inc.! Standard tournament rules apply: 1,500 point armies, 5ed rules, swiss system. Running both days, Saturday and Sunday.
Free to play games: We have a one-of-a-kind scenario for Jump Or Burn, the World War One air combat game, based on the Zeppelin Raids on London, created by The Buford Club wargaming society. We’ll have frequent games of Memoir 44, and wargaming legend Vinny Carpenter is busy in his basement, concocting a special wargame monstrosity to be run only for us.

Special Events:
Our innovative (insane) special events are something of a hallmark for Leprecon. At XXX you can expect to see (amongst others):
Live Action BloodBowl:
Humies vs. Orcs, with real people donning the armor, carrying the ball and wielding the weapons. Player weapons include the chainsaw, the bomb and the DEATHROLLER! It’s such a big event that we’ll be having a half-time show – a fully-armoured, live combat demonstration from the Society for Creative Anachronism! Who doesn’t want to see people fully clad in real plate-mail, beating the snot out of one another with big sticks?
The Battle of Hoth: this huge wargame is played on the Live Action Bloodbowl Pitch. Based on the Memoir 44 rule-system, we’ve got literally hundreds of Imperials and Rebels, and three 2-foot AT-ATs!
Shank or Be Shanked II: Life In Da Big City!: this all-weekend game has attendees shanking each other and staff alike. The winner is whoever shanks the Con Director, and they get a prize on Sunday night.
Dr. Horatio Cane Memorial CSI: Miami One-Liner Competition: a real crowd pleaser. Who knows which one-liners you’ll have to perform this year?
Finally and, perhaps, most importantly:
H.G. Wells Little Wars: you may have seen it at other Cons, but this is the main event. The oldest published war game in the world. It involves shooting model soldiers with Nerf guns. It’s awesome. Grand Prize is an electric powered Nerf machine-gun!

Console Games

Round Two of the Eir-Rage National Console Championships will be held at Leprecon XXX. If you want to see what’s in store, check it out here: http://www.legendgerry.com/eirragerules.htm

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